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Chimney Lining using Vermiculite

Exfoliated vermiculite is a high temperature insulant and is an ideal material for insulating chimneys. It is inorganic, will not support combustion, exhibits excellent thermal insulating properties over a wide range of temperatures and is not affected by most acids.


Exfoliated vermiculite may be used loose or bound with cement to fill the void between the new liner and the existing flueway. When using a cement bound vermiculite fill either for a fireback or a flueway backfill it is advisable to keep the addition of water if required to a minimum. In fact in most cases, especially on old established chimneys, addition of water is not required as the inherent moisture and condensation created on the initial fire up will set the mix and in the process reduce the total moisture in the structure and create an excellent thermal barrier thus virtually eliminating condensation. Loose-pour fill is mainly used on rigid or flexible stainless steel systems and every effort should be made to ensure no bridging takes place within the cavity to minimise settlement at a later stage and loss of thermal efficiency. On all systems it is essential that a waterproof joint is formed at the top of the stack and flaunched around the chimney pot and all access holes are sealed to prevent the ingress of water. Further information on other applications and products are available on request.


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