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The whole range of lightweight aggregates that Silvaperl manufactures and distributes are completely non-combustible, although the operational highest temperatures vary. Vermiculite has a fusion point of 1330oC, perlite 1280 to 1350oC and expanded clay will withstand temperatures of up to 1000oC. When the products are cementitiously bonded they are non-combustible as defined in BS475 part 4 1970 as designed in Class 0 in accordance with the requirements of building regulations and also BS EN ISO 1182 2002.

It should be noted that when perlite and vermiculite are used as an absorbent for flammable liquids they will not render the fluids non-flammable and the saturated absorbent containing the spillage should be removed and disposed of promptly.

See the product sections for more details and the Material Safety Data Sheets.

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