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Order Tracking Service

To find out the status of an order that has been placed with us, please follow the instructions below:


Text to: 80010

Text message: type in wsh then a space then your account number

Press send

If you need to find out your account number please ask your Sinclair Area Sales Manager.

You will get a text back in about 30 seconds with one of the following messages:

Message What it means
Order arrived and being processed With customer services at Sinclair
Order on hold. Please phone for update. There is a problem such as the order is less than the minimum pallet quantity, wholesaler clearance hasn't been received, etc
Target delivery date is xx/xx/xx The order is with transport but the wagon has not yet been arranged.
Due for delivery on xx/xx/xx The wagon has been arranged.
Despatched from xxxxxxx at xx/xx/xx Gives the site, date and time of despatch.
Sorry for the delay. Please phone for update The load is later than the due date of delivery for some reason
No orders found for delivery in the next 14 days.

The order tracking facility works for orders despatched within the past 2 days and those for delivery within the next 14 days. Any orders for delivery later than this will not appear until a fortnight before the date they are requested for.


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