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New Products


Growing Success GrowQube

The new GrowQube from Growing Success offers the promise of more juicy, tasty tomatoes with minimal effort. Trials have shown that tomato plants grown in the GrowQube produced over 50% more fruit that the same variety grown in conventional grow bags.

Containing a brand new and unique blend of ingredients GrowQube has been specially formulated to produce an exceptional crop of tomatoes, chillies or peppers. Because of its depth it allows plant roots to develop fully for greater strength and more efficient moisture and nutrient uptake.

The GrowQube is made from the finest grade Scottish peat and SuperFyba from composted wood mixed with a professional grade balanced cocktail of primary nutrients and essential trace elements.

As an added bonus, 25% of the blend is premium Sinclair Vermiculite. This natural mica material has a very high surface area with 96% pore volume wherein air and water is stored and taken up by the plant roots as and when needed. It also retains heat to insulate against damaging temperature fluctuations and holds onto a reservoir of nutrients whilst slowly releasing its won magnesium, iron and potassium to improve fruit quality and flavour.

Also included is Celcote, a cellulose water-absorbing coating which locks onto compost fibres and promotes moisture absorption without blocking the air spaces. It also reduces the need for irrigation by a quarter.


Growing Success No Dig Soil Improver

The new Growing Success No Dig Soil Improver contains a BSI PAS 100-certified 100% compost and will appeal to anyone with limited time or energy to devote to the garden since it gives optimal results when simply spread as a 5cm deep mulch on any soil type.

No complex calculations are needed since each 50 litre bag is sufficient to treat one square metre. and as an added bonus for any gardener, the mulch will also help to suppress weeds while it breaks down into the soil.

Not only is this the easiest way to improve the structure of either clay or sandy soil so that beneficial organisms can thrive and essential air, water and nutrients can reach plant roots but according to independent trials, it is also the most efficient method. In the first year, a mulched conditioner produced similar marked benefits in vegetable crops and flowering length and intensity as the digging method; however, in the second and subsequent years, the no-dig method proved noticeably superior, improving the yield of some crops, such as leeks, by around 50% and producing a visible improvement in the quality of rose bushes.

And the difference a soil conditioner makes is remarkable. In extended trials by Gardening Which? (published in November 2004), potato yields doubled in conditioned beds whilst other vegetable yields were at least 50% higher. Clay soil became much more workable whilst nutrient availability in sandy soil increased dramatically, including a 400% increase in available potassium.

The new organic Growing Success No Dig Soil Improver is made from properly composted plant material which has been sieved and graded multiple times, resulting in a powerful soil conditioner which is packed with goodness. and if you don't believe the trial results, go ahead and dig it in. The exercise may do you good but you will miss out on the cumulative benefits of mulching in subsequent years. Alternatively, lightly fork it into the topsoil a week or two before planting.


J. Arthur Bower's Masterblend Compost

We believe this the finest peat-based universal compost ever produced by our company.  J. Arthur Bower's Masterblend is a crumbly, very free-flowing blend of 100% professional grade Scottish peat with 10% John Innes; the mix is rich and dark. Ideal for the gardener looking for the best compost for their special plant purchase.

Enriched with a 6-month controlled release fertiliser, the Masterblend compost is further enhanced by the addition of Celcote, a cellulose water-absorbing coating which locks onto compost fibres where it stores and releases moisture as it is needed - resulting in water savings of up to 25% without plant wilt or stress.


 Deadfast Path & Patio Weedkiller

Deadfast Path & Patio Weedkiller is formulated to control most annual and perennial weeds such as grasses, nettles, willowherb and dandelions on hard surfaces. The weedkiller is absorbed by the leaves of the plant and its systemic action means that it kills the whole plant including the roots.

A single 4 litre container can treat up to 200m2.  The engineered nozzle can be adjusted to give a fine, wide spray or a denser stream for spot weedkilling or to combat light winds.


Deadfast Slug Killer



A super-effective slug killer to eradicate slugs and snails.

Deadfast Slug Killer uses a pellet manufacturing technology which produces finer, more evenly distributed particles of the active ingredient and coats them in a special polymer. Trials show that slugs eat more of the new formulation and can be killed in a single feeding.

Alternatively, if you have any concerns about your local conditions choose Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer instead. It is made from, ferric phosphate, which is OK for use around for children and pets.

J Arthur Bower's New Horizon Dead Fast Growing Success