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Growing Success Seed Blanket

A seed germination technique borrowed from commercial growers can now help amateur gardeners boost their sowing success rate thanks to new Growing Success Seed Blanket.

This finely crumbed, lightweight vermiculite acts as a moisture-retaining insulation layer when sprinkled over a tray of newly sown seeds - and it's one of the reasons why commercial growers are able to achieve significantly improved germination rates.

The most common causes  of non-germination among amateur gardeners are inadequate temperature control, over-watering and sowing seeds so deeply that they are deprived of essential oxygen.


Growing Success Seed Blanket - applied instead of compost in a 3mm layer on top of a newly sown and watered tray of seeds - creates the ideal growing environment for most seeds. Completely sterile, it is free from weed seeds, pathogens and fungi spores and thus helps to prevent seed loss from damping off; and it is so light and open-structures that seedlings can grow through it with ease.

The blanket absorbs and retains moisture to release slowly as needed, thereby preventing the seeds from drowning in too much water. In addition, the air pockets provided by the open structure insulate and protect the seeds from damaging temperature extremes.

Moreover, the thin, laminated structure of the vermiculite allows light to pass through to the seeds below.


Ideally, Growing Success Seed Blanket should be sprinkled directly on top of seeds where its aeration and water holding properties will be of most benefit. However, those seeds that require darkness to germinate, such as Calendula, Delphinium, Nemesia and Schizanthus, should be covered with a layer of sieved seed compost before finishing with Seed Blanket.

It has an indefinite storage life and once the seeds have germinated the Seed Blanket mineral chips can even be re-used as an additive to improve growing media or as a houseplant mulch to deter sciarid flies from laying their eggs.

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J. Arthur Bower's Vegetable Compost

J. Arthur Bower's Vegetable Compost is enriched with essential plant nutrients and trace elements to help plants grow healthily and crop abundantly.

It promotes strong healthy root growth, making it ideal for vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, beetroot and onions and is a rich source of organic matter which improves the quality and moisture retention qualities of the ground and provides a natural source of nutrients.

J. Arthur Bower's Vegetable Compost is ideal for growing vegetables in raised beds or containers where space is limited. Many vegetables will flourish in containers, including courgettes, dwarf beans, new potatoes, salad leaves, spring cabbages, leeks, tomatoes, rhubarb, carrots and beetroot plus herbs such as parsley, mint, bay, chives, coriander and thyme.


J Arthur Bower's Concentrated Liquid Garotta

J. Arthur Bower's concentrated liquid Garotta is made from natural materials selected to help improve the structure of home produced garden compost and speed up the process of decomposition. it provides food to promote bacterial growth which in turn encourages the temperature in the compost heap to rise, kill off weed seeds and hasten the conversion of garden and kitchen waste into a rich compost ideal for enriching garden soil.


Deadfast Path & Patio Weedkiller

Deadfast Path & Patio Weedkiller has been formulated for the control of most annual and perennial weeds such as grasses, nettles, willowherb and dandelions on hard surfaces. The weedkiller is absorbed by the leaves of the plant and its systemic action means that it kills the whole plant including the roots. The trigger action spray helps accurately target just the plant and no weedkiller is wasted.



J Arthur Bower's New Horizon Dead Fast Growing Success