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Lawns - September

  • If your lawn is poorly drained or very compacted it can be aerated with a garden fork or special tool. An aeration tool called a tiner will remove cores of earth and the holes can then be filled with J Arthur Bower’s Sharp Sand.

  • Brush J Arthur Bower’s Lawn Dressing over the surface of your lawn. The dressing is a mixture of sand, sterilised loam, peat and perlite, and will improve the texture of the top layer of soil thus encouraging healthy root growth.

  • Moss can be tackled in the autumn. Use J Arthur Bower’s Autumn Lawn Food & Mosskiller, which will nourish your lawn through the winter months as well as killing the moss. Rake out the blackened moss after 10 to 14 days. Bare patches can be reseeded as necessary.

  • If your whole lawn looks a bit sparse you can overseed with Lawn Seed to match the existing turf. Go over the bare patches with a hand fork to break up the soil and fork in a some J Arthur Bower’s Lawn Dressing or J Arthur Bower’s John Innes Seed Compost. Sow the seed when the soil is moist.

  • This is a good time of year to prepare the ground for sowing a new lawn, while the earth is still warm. It’s very important that all weeds are removed including the roots. If the soil is heavy, fork in some J Arthur Bower’s Sharp Sand to improve drainage. Poor soil can be enriched with J Arthur Bower’s Organic Farm Manure. Scatter some J Arthur Bower’s Growmore over the area a few days before sowing and water in well if the soil is dry.


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