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Containers - March

  • Refresh tired pots of winter bedding by replanting with a selection of bulbs, primulas and forget-me-nots.Use your favourite J Arthur Bower's or New Horizon Multi-Purpose Compost.

  • Plant up permanent containers with shrubs, trees or small roses. This is ideal if you have a tiny garden or want to be able to move plants around. Mature plants need a good rich compost from the J Arthur Bower's John Innes range. Use John Innes No. 3 or John Innes Planters & Pots. For lime-hating shrubs such as camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons use John Innes Ericaceous. To ensure good drainage put a layer of broken polystyrene or old wine corks in the bottom of the container.

  • Bonsai trees have become very popular in recent years. A small collection of bonsai can make an eye-catching display especially if you choose a variety of trees with different shapes and leaf forms. Remember that bonsai are not houseplants – the vast majority of them are hardy trees and need to be kept out of doors. For a good display of bonsai it’s best to visit a specialist bonsai nursery.  Now is the time to trim the branches and roots of your bonsai trees. Re-pot them using J Arthur Bower's Bonsai Compost.


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