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Lawns - April

  • Grass will start to grow strongly this month and will need regular mowing and feeding to keep it looking lush and green. Mow at least once a week and feed with either J Arthur Bower’s or New Horizon Organic Lawn Food. Tiny lawns can be fed by hand, but if your lawn is larger than 50 square metres we recommend using an adjustable spreader.

  • April is a good time to tackle moss in the lawn. Use J Arthur Bower’s Lawn Sand or Feed Weed & Mosskiller. The moss will turn black and should be raked out after about 10 days.

  • Bare or sparse patches in your lawn can be reseeded this month. If you have used a moss killer wait a few days after raking out the dead moss before reseeding. Go over the bare patches with a hand fork to break up the soil and fork in a some J Arthur Bower’s Lawn Dressing or J Arthur Bower’s John Innes Seed Compost. Sow the seed when the soil is moist.

  • Seed can also be sown to create a new lawn – this is much more economical than laying turf. It’s very important that all weeds are removed including the roots. If the soil is heavy, fork in some J Arthur Bower’s Sharp Sand to improve drainage. Poor soil can be enriched with J Arthur Bower’s Blended Farm Manure. Scatter some J Arthur Bower’s Growmore over the area a few days before sowing and water in well if the soil is dry.

  • If your lawn is in reasonable condition but is spoilt by a scattering of weeds and moss, try using J Arthur Bower’s Feed Weed & Mosskiller and get all your essential lawncare tasks done in one go. The product is available in a special Hand Held Spreader to make application quick and easy.


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