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Kitchen Garden - April


  • Finish planting your potatoes. Second earlies can be planted at the beginning of the month and maincrop at the end. Earth up early varieties that were planted in March. If you’re growing potatoes in containers, add new 5cm. (2 inch) layers of Multi-Purpose Compost  every couple of weeks. Cover the shoots of potatoes with fleece if frost is forecast.

  • Continue sowing salads, turnips, parsnips, broad beans and beetroots out of doors. Carrots can also be sown but remember to protect the young plants from carrot fly. It’s best to sow the seeds very sparingly so that you will have to do as little thinning as possible. Also, cover them with fine mesh after sowing.

  • Peas can be sown now. An easy and popular method is to sow them in lengths of guttering filled with your favourite J Arthur Bower’s or New Horizon Multi-Purpose Compost. When the peas are ready to be planted out, their roots will hold the compost together so that the whole row can be slid out of the guttering into the prepared bed. 

  • Sow winter brassicas – Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower – outside in a prepared seed bed. Or plant out young plants that you grew earlier or have bought.  Place J Arthur Bower’s Cabbage Collars around the young plants to protect from cabbage root fly.

  • Plant out onion sets or young plants that you sowed earlier. 


  • Divide chives if you haven’t already.

  • Continue to sow seeds of chervil, chives, coriander, dill, fennel and marjoram.

  • Carefully remove old stems from fennel as the new growth appears. The safest way is to cut back as near the base as you can.

  • Plant out young parsley plants sown earlier – remember that they are sometimes targeted by carrot root fly and may need to be protected with mesh.  Continue to sow parsley using the method described in March’s Garden Calendar.

  • Continue to plant out container-grown herbs. Remember that mint, borage and parsley prefer rich soil and some shade whereas Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, marjoram and sage need light, well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine.


  • Feed blackcurrants, blackberries and other hybrid berries such as tayberry with J Arthur Bower’s Sulphate of Ammonia. This will provide extra nitrogen and encourage healthy green growth. Feed when the soil is moist if possible. If not, water in very thoroughly.

  • Trained plums, cherries and peaches can be pruned to shape this month. Cut out dead and overcrowded shoots plus any that are growing out in the wrong direction. The trees can be fed with your favourite J Arthur Bower’s or New Horizon general plant food if this hasn’t already been done.

  • Tidy up strawberry beds by cutting off dead and diseased leaves. Feed with J Arthur Bower’s Sulphate of Potash if you haven’t already done so. Continue to feed pot-grown strawberries with a liquid feed.

  • If frost is forecast, spread fleece over flowering fruit trees and bushes to protect the blossom.


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