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House and Conservatory Plants - April

  • Cacti are often neglected and left in the same old pot year after year – perhaps it’s because they’re so prickly and hard to handle. Like other houseplants they will benefit from regular repotting. Use J Arthur Bower’s Cactus Compost, which contains extra grit to give good drainage. Arm yourself with some thornproof gloves, tip each cactus out of its pot onto a sheet of newspaper. Tease out the roots and discard any loose old compost. Put a layer of gravel into the base of the new pot and fill around the roots with fresh compost. Finish off with a dressing of J Arthur Bower’s Coarse Grit. Leave for a week to settle and then water.

  • Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) will still be in leaf. Keep feeding once every two weeks with a high-potash feed - J Arthur Bower’s or New Horizon Liquid Tomato Food is ideal.

  • Rest Cyclamen that have finished flowering by gradually reducing the amount of water until the foliage begins to yellow. Store the plants on their sides in a greenhouse or cold frame until the autumn.

  • Take leaf cuttings of African Violet, Streptocarpus and Rex Begonias using a 50/50 mixture of J Arthur Bower’s Seed & Cutting Compost and Perlite. Cut the leaves horizontally into 3cm lengths and push the bottom side gently into the compost mixture. For further details on how to take the cuttings see our Green Fingers Guide.


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