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Containers - April

  • Winter displays are now going over and it’s time to clear them out and clean your pots and baskets ready for summer. Don’t be tempted to plant up yet unless you have somewhere frost-free to keep the containers.

  • Continue to plant up permanent containers with shrubs, trees or small roses. This is ideal if you have a tiny garden or want to be able to move plants around. Mature plants need a good rich compost from the J Arthur Bower’s John Innes range.  Use John Innes No. 3 or John Innes Planters & Pots. For lime-hating shrubs such as Camellias, Azaleas and Rhododendrons use John Innes Ericaceous. To ensure good drainage put a layer of broken polystyrene or old wine corks in the bottom of the container.

  • Repot any permanent container plants that have become potbound using fresh compost from the J Arthur Bower’s John Innes range, as described above. See our How To section for tips on repotting.

  • If plants have become too large to repot easily, remove the top 5cm (2 inches) of compost and replace with a mixture of fresh compost and your favourite J Arthur Bower’s or New Horizon general plant food.

  • Alpines are at their best in April and it’s very hard to resist their charm as they come into bloom. If you don’t have room for a traditional rockery, don’t worry – you can still grow these lovely plants in a shallow trough or old sink.  Lay fine mesh netting over the container base and fill the bottom quarter of the container with J Arthur Bower’s Washed Gravel. Make up a planting mixture of equal parts J Arthur Bower’s Premium Top Soil or John Innes No. 1; your favourite J Arthur Bower’s or New Horizon Multi-Purpose Compost and J Arthur Bower’s Coarse Grit. Fill the container to within 4cm. of the top. And it’s ready for planting. Try to choose small, slow-growing plants, otherwise your trough will quickly be swamped. Water thoroughly and top dress with 1cm. of J Arthur Bower’s Coarse Grit.


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