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Sinclair turf fertiliers supply all the nutrients needed for healthy growth, strong root development and improved colour and texture across all types of turf.

If weeds or moss are present the initial or second spring or summer fertiliser application can be replaced with a lawn food with weedkillers and/or mosskiller. The products can be used with all application equipment.


SHL Lawn Sand

(powder formulation)
Nitrogenous Fertiliser with Iron
Contains 5.5% w/w Ferrous Sulphate (as FeSO4)
Application Rate: 135g/m2 (4oz/yd2)
Kills moss and can be used on all grasses.
MAPP No. 05254

SHL Spring & Summer

 11 : 5 : 5

(mini-granular formulation)
Compound Fertiliser 11 - 5 - 5
Application Rate: 70g/m2
Apply in mid-season on areas subject to intense use.

SHL Autumn & Winter

3 : 10 : 5

(mini-granular formulation)
Compound Fertiliser 3 - 10 - 5
Application Rate: 70g/m2
Apply from September onwards but not during frosts.



Material Safety Data Sheets

SHL Lawn Sand
SHL Spring & Summer
SHL Autumn & Winter

Use herbicides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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